A is for Apple

“An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”

Funny that.

I have had one of the healthiest upbringings and lifestyles I know. An apple a day is the least of it…

How about: daughter of the war generation, (the healthiest generation, so far) whose idea of sweet luxury was one slice of home-made Victoria sandwich cake, per week; whose choice of carbs was wholemeal bread (shape and texture not dissimilar to those old London bricks called Stocks) OR boiled potatoes; whose fanciest dish was Roast This, and occasionally, Roast That; and who, when it finally appeared on their radar, thought pasta was a slimy, slovenly, modern gimmick? How about my own lifestyle: not smoking, (bar one crafty drag aged about 14 round the corner from school); never drinking to excess and no dalliances with drugs; a healthy, varied, low sugar diet of unrefined, home-cooked, often home-grown food? Weight wise, I have always been on the “slight” side and I have always taken regular exercise, usually outdoors. I could go on…

OK, I will go on: my husband, Jamie, bakes our bread almost daily, using Cotswold Crunch Dark – flour grown in the local area and milled at our famous local mill; we keep chickens; we plant trees; we eat the tomatoes and basil my husband grows in the greenhouse and the salad and veg he grows in the garden; we live in a house we built that takes its warmth from the earth and we use e cloths and non bio washing powder…

For goodness’ sake, the harshest ingredients we come across are Balsamic Vinegar and whatever it is they put in toothpaste.

And yet, and yet…

There I was, aged just 43: harbouring a 22 mm grade 3 tumour AND a 17 mm grade 2 tumour in my very small (AA if you must know), right breast.


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